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Return and warranty policy

Warranty and Return Policy

We offer 12 months warranty on all auto parts, and 14 day return if you are not satisfied with your product.

Payment options

Several payment options

We have at your disposal several payment solutions in order to ensure maximum security in the purchase process.

Fast delivery

Quick delivery

Receive your order in less than 5 days.

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  1. 12 months warranty

    More than 7 millions used parts in stock, updated every day.

  2. Our used parts come from certified Salvage Yards

    This way we can ensure quality and traceability of our used auto parts. Our salvage yards are licensed and certified companies for dismantling cars.

  3. Fast delivery

    We are available to ensure you find the best used auto parts at affordable prices.

Client evaluation

What people say

  • Mrfiat Collins
    Hi was a bit scared because of the distance but really quick fast service and cheap great service.
  • Tommi Rasila
    Part works fine, arrived in a few days from Spain to Finland, hassle-free.
  • Jari
    Ordening was easy. Good pictures and info of parts. Fast delivering and it's was what I order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How may we help you?

B-Parts is a leader in the online distribution of used auto parts. Our parts come from damaged cars,ready to be reused in other vehicles. All parts sold by B-Parts are original (OEM) and have a warranty. We invest daily for our customers to enjoy a unique browsing and shopping experience.

Parts sold at B-Parts are original used auto parts. They are original parts, cheaper than new ones, but as used parts they may contain signs of wear and tear.

The parts available at B-Parts are organized in our parts catalog by:

Airbags | Collision | Electrical and Electronics | Lighting | Engine and Transmission | Suspension.

These are the major areas of parts sold.

We advise our customers to select their vehicle and then choose, from the catalog, the type of part they are looking for. Before buying, you should check through the images, the manufacturer's references, or even the VIN, the compatibility of our parts with your vehicle. 

It is essential that the customer checks the compatibility of the parts with his vehicle, with the help of the brand and / or mechanic before placing the order.

The ABS module is an anti-skid braking system that prevents all wheels from locking and skidding when the brake is applied, in order to provide vehicle stability and traction contact with the road surface.

Depending on the model, the ABS pump can consist of 2 or 3 elements:

+Electronic module - confirm manufacturer reference;

+Hydraulic block - confirm manufacturer reference; it can also have:

+Electric motor - confirm manufacturer reference;

When purchasing an ABS pump from B-Parts, you should take the following aspects into consideration:

- In order to work correctly, the references of the 2 components (or 3, if applicable) must be the same as those of the pump previously installed in the vehicle, otherwise the pump will not work.

- The ABS pump is locked to the vehicle from which it was dismantled and is not ready to be used in plug & play mode; 

- The pump will need to be reset using a specialized tool in order to be disconnected from the donor vehicle;

- The pump will also need to be coded for the recipient vehicle;

- This operation must be carried out by a professional with the means to programme the parts, without any intervention that could jeopardize the inviolability and guarantee of the part, i.e. if the part is opened, the guarantee will be void.

The process for placing an order at B-Parts is quite simple!

Just search for the part, add it to the cart, fill in the address and proceed with the secure payment.

Please note that, if there is any failure to pay by credit card, for example, your data will not be saved! In this case, it will be necessary to re-register here: https://www.b-parts.com/en/signup/ and repeat the ordering procedure.

If you already have a B-Parts account, simply log into your account using the link https://www.b-parts.com/en/signup/, place the item in the cart and proceed with the secure payment.

And that's it!

The prices shown on the website are final, are not negotiable. Prices are already optimized for the customer, taking into account that they are original used parts and ready to be reused.

All products indicate a transit time and a date from which the part can be delivered, counted in working days.

Our delivery dates are only a guide as they are based on the transit time of the carriers.

B-Parts is not responsible for delays by logistics partners, although we try to minimize possible delays.

Yes, you always have the right to return the order within 14 days, without having to justify the reason.

The return period starts from the day of the delivery of the items in your order 

B-Parts offers a guarantee on all its products, provided that the parts are assembled in workshops regulated by law.

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